VESCASA 24" H Counter Height Bar Stool with Barrel Back and Arms

VESCASA 24" H Counter Height Bar Stool with Barrel Back and Arms

Arabian-inspired and comfortable] This bar stool has a contemporary design that features a bucket back that is 8.5 inches high, a metal frame and a touch of style that is reminiscent of French farmhouses. Providing a pleasant and comfortable sitting experience for your house, the upholstered seat has a cushion that is 18.5″ in width, 19″ in depth, and 4.5 inches in height, and it also has supportive arms.

Product Description

We are delighted to introduce to you the VESCASA 24″ H Counter Height Bar Stool, which is the ideal fusion of classic usability and contemporary style for your home.


Savour its sleek and modern appearance, which has been painstakingly built to complement with whatever interior design concept you may have in mind. Enjoy the beauty of its design.


Because of their distinctive design, the barrel back and arms guarantee that the seating configuration is comfortable and supportive in addition to adding a sense of elegance. Give yourself permission to indulge in a little pleasure. You can choose countertops that are 24 inches tall to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen or bar area. Kitchen counters are a perfect fit at this height.


We place a great focus on the quality of the craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing our items, so we can ensure that they will be able to survive the test of time and remain durable. Because of its extreme adaptability, this bar stool may effortlessly suit your own preferences, whether they are modern, traditional, or a combination of the two. Its attractiveness is so malleable that it can easily fit your tastes.


With measurements of 18.5″ W x 19″ D x 4.5″ T, the cushioned seat cushion is a cosy hug waiting to be given. This cushion serves as a stylish centre piece in addition to being able to offer comfort. This bar stool is a solid addition to your house because it is made with a sturdy metal frame that offers the necessary stability for daily duties. As such, you ought to think about buying it.


With the VESCASA bar stool, your environment will be elevated. It blends modern design with classic comfort to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for you and anyone who happens to be in your company.