ULTIMATE SACK Bean Bag Chairs in Multiple Sizes and Colors

ULTIMATE SACK Bean Bag Chairs in Multiple Sizes and Colors

Ultimate Sack offers a range of sizes: 6000 (6 ft.), 5000 (5 ft.), 4000 (4 ft.), 3000 (3 ft.), and Kids Sack (30 in.). The Corner is similar to the 5000 in size, while the Ultimate Lounger measures 33-36″ wide and 65″ long. The Pillow is 52″x63″x20”. All Bean Bags come Pre-Filled & Ready to Set Up. The machine-washable covers can be easily removed and cleaned, ensuring a fresh look. The interchangeable comfy outer covers feature double-stitched seams for maximum strength, using high-quality zippers, and are also machine washable.




Product Description

Versatile Sizing: The ULTIMATE SACK comes in sizes so large that Bigfoot would be willing to part up his lair for one. For those who like to live large, there is the 6000 (6 feet), while for those who would rather not touch the heavens, there are the more grounded options of 5000 (5 feet) and 4000 (4 feet).


Different Colour Options: The colours that ULTIMATE SACK has chosen are so vivid that they make rainbows doubt their existence. Select a colour that appeals to you, or select several and launch your own vibrant transformation. Who says avant-garde bean bags can’t exist?


Cosiness: The Ultimate Lounger is so comfortable that it has the power to transform an avid stand-up comedian into a sit-down one. How about the Kids Sack? Perfectly scaled for pint-sized delight, it’s like a personal relaxation chamber for the kids. Because it’s right that kids may also recline in luxury.


simple Maintenance: Well, not quite so simple as persuading a friend to assist you with a relocation, but close enough. Your ULTIMATE SACK is as fresh as a bean bag in a flower field—all you have to do is remove the outer cover and throw it in the washing machine.


Superb Stitching: Our blankets are sewn with such perfection that even grandmother would be impressed and give them a standing ovation. Your bean bag can withstand more lazing than a cat on a three-day weekend thanks to its non-rebellious zippers and double-stitched seams.


Simple Enough to Assemble: Even a pet rock could easily set up a bean bag. Suppose pet rocks were interested in interior design.


Adaptable appearance: Your bean bag can be transformed into a new appearance almost as quickly as a superhero can change their clothes; it’s like furniture fashion week. Bean bags are the new black, Vogue, so eat your heart out.

Because unpleasant sitting prolongs life, ULTIMATE SACK is a dependable brand. Customer satisfaction is our equivalent of a standing ovation, and we’re more dedicated to quality than you are to your morning coffee.


Child-Friendly Option: The Kids Sack — it’s just excellent parenting to prepare your children for a leisurely life. Little ones can grow into lounging aficionados before they become ten because to its ideal size.


Enormous and Supportive: The 5000 and 6000 sizes are quite spacious, akin to a backside vacation. Like a black hole of comfort, once you fall in, it’s difficult to find the willpower to come out of it.