ULTIMATE SACK 4000 Bean Bag Chair w/Foot Stool in Multiple Sizes

ULTIMATE SACK 4000 Bean Bag Chair w/Foot Stool in Multiple Sizes

The ULTIMATE SACK Bean Bag Chairs with FOOTSTOOL are now available in three sizes: 4000 (4 feet), 5000 (5 feet), and 6000 (6 feet). Our Footstool Bean Bag goes well with our Bean Bags and is ideal for reading or watching TV. Experience the ultimate in comfort with machine washable, double-stitched, and replaceable covers. Select between covers made of fur or suede. With MACHINE WASHABLE COVERS, you can easily keep your Ultimate Sack Bean Bag Chair clean. After a wash, it will look brand new!



Product Description

Introducing the ULTIMATE SACK 4000 Bean Bag Chair with a Foot Stool – your ticket to comfort-town, available in various sizes because one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to relaxation.


Kick back and put your feet up, literally, with the inclusive footstool – because who said relaxation couldn’t have a VIP section?


Crafted with more love and care than your grandma’s secret cookie recipe, the ULTIMATE SACK 4000 promises durability that outlasts even the most thrilling Netflix series. It’s like the superhero of seating – here to save your comfort day!


Change your style like you change your mind – the interchangeable outer covers are like fashion accessories for your furniture. Suede for Monday, fur for Friday – because your bean bag chair deserves a wardrobe.


Spills, stains, and popcorn crumbs – meet your match. Our machine washable covers laugh in the face of messes. Just toss them in, and your ULTIMATE SACK 4000 will be back in the relaxation game faster than you can say “movie night.”


Unzipping has never been this exciting – our high-quality zippers are the James Bonds of the furniture world. Smooth, reliable, and always ready for action.


Sink into comfort like a marshmallow into hot cocoa. The ULTIMATE SACK 4000 isn’t just a chair; it’s the cosiest spot in your home – your own personal cloud of relaxation.


Upgrade your space with a bean bag that’s more stylish than your favorite pair of pajamas. Modern, chic, and always ready for a good time – just like your favorite stand-up comedian.


Built to withstand more lounging than a cat on a Sunday afternoon, the ULTIMATE SACK 4000 is here to stay. Shape-retaining and ready for anything – just like your favorite superhero (or your favorite pair of stretchy pants).


Join the league of happy customers who’ve discovered that comfort and laughter go hand in hand with the ULTIMATE SACK 4000 Bean Bag Chair with Foot Stool. Because who said furniture can’t be funny?