Tree Stump Storage Stool 12 x 12 Inch Storage Stool Ottoman

Tree Stump Storage Stool 12 x 12 Inch Storage Stool Ottoman

The tiny ornamental stool offers a combination of softness, comfort, durability, and sturdiness because it is mostly made of velvet, sponge, and fiberboard. Comfortable seating is ensured by its soft surface, and youngsters will find its bright design very appealing.

With its high support and weight-bearing capabilities, the bedroom stool is mostly made of sponge and fiberboard. Its weight of about 2.2 lb (1 kg) and its ability to support loads of up to 100 kg (220 lbs) provide consumers a dependable and robust seating choice.

The folding ottoman is 12 inches in size and has a capacity of around 33 liters, which means it can hold a lot of stuff. With its small size and multipurpose design, this stool provides useful storage options for a variety of items, including toys, clothes, socks, and periodicals.




Product Description

We are pleased to introduce the Tree Stump Storage Stool Ottoman, since whoever said that furniture couldn’t be a little bit wild is wrong. Imagine yourself curled up on this rustic seat that also comes equipped with a hidden storage drawer. Even though it is only 12 inches by 12 inches in size, it is like Mary Poppins’ bag in disguise. It is miraculously roomy enough to conceal all of your junk, from blankets to stray socks that have lost their mates in the washing abyss.


It is absolutely impossible for this stool ottoman to crumble under pressure since it was crafted with the tenacity of a resolute mule. The construction of it is such that it can withstand even the most rowdy family game evenings or the occasional “dance like no one’s watching” performance.


To add insult to injury, let’s speak about its design: it’s like having a piece of the vast outdoors chilling out in your living room. Your friends will be perplexed and wondering whether you have a woodworking passion that they are not aware of. But, hey, who needs a chainsaw when you have a fashionable stool that is not only humorous but also practically useful?


That being said, the Tree Stump Storage Stool Ottoman is your eccentric companion if you are trying to add a touch of comedy that is inspired by nature to your interior design while also quietly winning the war against clutter.