Tree Stump Stool Live Edge

Tree Stump Stool Live Edge

A distinctive piece of furniture, the Tree Stump Stool Live Edge is made from real tree stumps that are frequently obtained from sustainable forests. With its unaltered form and feel, this stool adds a rustic yet sophisticated touch to any indoor or outdoor environment. Because of its live edge design, which keeps the tree’s outside edge intact, the natural beauty of the bark and wood grain is highlighted. The Tree Stump Stool Live Edge is a unique decorative feature that can be incorporated into a variety of design styles, from rustic to contemporary, thanks to its strong construction and organic appearance.




Product Description

You can’t just call the Tree Stump Stool Live Edge a piece of furniture; it’s nature calling out to you to have fun inside! Imagine lying on a tree stump and enjoying the feeling of being a wild animal without having to go “scavenging for food.” Forget the bugs and the odd bear sightings, it’s like taking the great outdoors inside.


However, there’s more! This stool instantly gives your room a country feel and also makes people want to talk about it. When you have people over, they might be wondering if you cut down a tree in your garden just to make a seat. We all talk about things that make us feel good, right?


Don’t forget how long-lasting this stool is—it can handle anything. You might not throw, but you get the point. As if you had a reliable friend in the living room with you during Netflix binges and spontaneous dancing parties.


Bring home a Tree Stump Stool Live Edge and follow your inner lumberjack (or lumberjill). For what reason does furniture have to be one thing when it comes to being useful and funny?