Tree Stump Stool

Tree Stump Stool

The ottoman is made of soft sponge and fiberboard and has a vibrantly patterned velvet upholstery that guarantees comfort, stability, and endurance. It is around 12 by 12 by 12 inches in size, weighs 1 kg (2.2 pounds), and supports up to 100 kg (220 pounds). When not in use, it may be folded flat to save room. Its lid lifts to provide plenty of storage space. This multipurpose piece may be used as a seat, toy box, bedside table, footstool, or as storage for a variety of goods such books, magazines, CDs/DVDs, socks, and clothes.




Product Description

Tree stump stools are a great way to combine the following: a beautiful mix of natural charm and usefulness, with a bit of humor;


For some reason, these stools look like they belong in the great outdoors. They add a touch of the wild to your room. But you should make sure that no animals go with you! When you mix their natural, unfinished look with the character of the wood lines and textures, you get a warm, welcoming space that is great for sitting around the fireplace and sharing stories.


As useful as a Swiss Army knife, tree stump stools look more like they belong in the woods. They can be used for many things, like adding more seats to the living room or making the yard look more interesting. This makes them like chameleons in the world of furniture because they can blend in with any style.


Strong Construction: These stools are made from strong wood, which makes them last longer than a lumberjack in a plaid shirt contest! Only thing you should not do is challenge them to an arm-wrestling match. Anything from a family game night to an unplanned dance party can be done by them.


When you choose tree stump stools, you not only make the area look cool, you also give Mother Nature a high-five! At the same time, this is an eco-friendly choice!!!! Could we say something like, “Hey Earth, we’ve got your back… or should we say, your stump?”


Every tree stump has a story to tell, from when it was a huge, scary tree in the forest to when it was reborn as a strange piece of furniture. The letters “Green Story” stand for “green story.” Like the circle of life, but there are more splinters and fewer lions.


A Personal Touch: When you work with your stump, use your ideas! You can paint it to add some color, or you can leave it natural for a rough lumberjack look. Your imagination is the only thing that might stop you. Don’t forget that even a stump needs to be treated with love.


Easy Care: These stools are excellent friends because they don’t need much care. They’re like faithful dogs for furniture—they’re always there when you need them and only need a quick wipe-down. Another thing is that outdoor chairs get a beautiful worn color over time, kind of like a great wine or a stubborn gnome.