Piper Classics Market Place Blue Grain Sack Stripe Chair Pad

Piper Classics Market Place Blue Grain Sack Stripe Chair Pad

The chair pad is 16 inches wide at the front and 15 inches wide at the back, and it’s 16 inches long. It comes with fabric ties. It is fully padded and has four circle tacks that hold the stuffing in place for both looks and function. Turned edge seam and two 15-inch ties to hold the chair together. The cover is made of 100% cotton and the filling is 100% polyester. The fabric is a textured uniform cream weave cotton with a single denim blue grainsack stripe running down the middle. Can be undone. Use cold water and the gentle setting to wash in a washing machine. Dry low in the dryer or hang to dry. If you need to, iron.



Product Description

Through the use of the Piper Classics Market Place Blue Grain Sack Stripe Chair Pad, you can enhance both the comfort and the elegance of your chair. It is not simply a chair pad; rather, it is the VIP treatment that your chair didn’t know it needed. It is similar to a warm embrace for your rear end, but with a hint of rustic elegance.


You may take pleasure in the warm and inviting atmosphere of the completely tufted design, which has four round tacks that not only give the impression that your chair has just emerged from a furniture runway but also serve the important function of preventing the stuffing from getting out of control. Your chair is now in a cloud-like state permanently, so you won’t have to worry about uncomfortable fluffing sessions anymore.


Chair pads are crafted with care, and they have a cover made of 100% cotton that is long-lasting and a fill made of 100% polyester that is sturdy. You might say that it is the superhero of chair pads since it is resistant to wear and tear but gentle on your tush. Your average chair will be transformed into a hipster sanctuary thanks to the attractive denim blue grainsack stripe that gives flair to the chair.


Your chair will feel like it is ready for a night out on the town, or at the at least, a solid supper without slipping and sliding, thanks to the two 15-inch ties that make it easy to secure the chair pad. Washing and maintaining this component is a stress-free activity since even chair pads deserve a day at the spa when they are cleaned and maintained. Place it in the washing machine with other items of similar colour, set it to the gentle cycle, and allow it to spin its way to a state of freshness. Due to the fact that it requires so little upkeep, it almost takes care of itself. I was joking, but show some affection for it.


With the Piper Classics Market Place Blue Grain Sack Stripe Chair Pad, you are not only adding a useful item to your chair, but you are also transforming your living environment into a comedy club where your chair is the one who gets the final laugh. Who would have thought that a chair pad could bring so much happiness into your life, on top of adding a bit of rustic style?