Piper Classics Gray Gables Grain Sack Stripe Chair Pad

Piper Classics Gray Gables Grain Sack Stripe Chair Pad

This product consists of a single chair pad that is 16 inches long, 16 inches wide in the front, and taper to 15 inches in the rear. The pad is entirely tufted, reversible, and has four circular tacks that hold the filling in place to avoid bunching and moving while also adding texture and functionality. For maximum comfort, its design makes sure the cushion stays plump and fluffy. The pad has two 15-inch ties included for a firm fit to the chair, and it has a turned edge seam.

The pad is built with a cover composed of 100% plain-weave cotton fabric and is filled with 100% poly. It has stripes of charcoal grain sack and is coloured soft white. Spot cleaning is one of the maintenance recommendations for the best results. As an alternative, you may hand wash it or run it through a moderate cycle in the washing machine. Then, you can hang or lay it flat to dry. It is advised to iron as needed to keep a tidy appearance.





Product Description

The Piper Classics Gray Gables Grain Sack Stripe Chair Pad is like the James Bond of seating accessories – timeless, stylish, and always ready for action! Picture this: your chairs transformed into the 007 of the furniture world, thanks to the Gray Gables Grain Sack Stripes that exude a charm even Bond would envy.


Now, get ready for a reversible design that’s the superhero costume change your chairs didn’t know they needed. It’s like having a mini makeover at your fingertips – because who said chair pads can’t have a glow-up?


But wait, there’s more! The fully tufted design is not just a feast for the eyes; it’s the secret agent that ensures your padding stays in place, preventing any covert missions of shifting or bunching. It’s like having a secret weapon against uncomfortable seating – plush and firm, just the way you like it.


Crafted with a turned edge seam and two 15-inch ties, this chair pad is the superhero cape of the furniture world – providing durability and stability with a flair that even Batman would nod approvingly at.


Luxurious materials? You bet! The 100% plain-weave cotton fabric cover is like the cashmere sweater of seating – soft, cozy, and oh-so-luxurious. And the 100% Poly filling? It’s the Iron Man suit of chair pads – resilient and ready for action, ensuring your seat stands the test of time.


Now, about maintenance – spot cleaning is suggested, but feel free to give it a spin in the washing machine. Just like a secret agent’s laundry, it’s versatile and low-maintenance. Hang it to dry like Bond hanging off a cliff, and voilà – ready for the next mission.


Versatility? This chair pad doesn’t discriminate. It’s like the chameleon of seating accessories, adapting seamlessly to various chair types and styles. From dining chairs to accent seating, consider it the undercover agent in your home’s decor scheme.


And the Soft White color with Charcoal grain sack stripes? It’s the tuxedo of chair pads – classy, elegant, and always in style. This chair pad isn’t just a sidekick; it’s the witty, charming companion your chairs didn’t know they needed. Because who said furniture can’t have a sense of humor?