New Grange Spindle Back Chairs

New Grange Spindle Back Chairs

This set, which is made from solid wood for long-term durability, comes with two seats to enable social gatherings and is constructed from solid wood. Featuring a sophisticated black finish, it is intended solely for use in home settings. Its assembled measurements are as follows: length: 20.47 inches, width: 19.88 inches, and height: 36.22 inches. The engineered wood structure guarantees solidity. In addition, it comes with a limited guarantee that is valid for five years.




Product Description

In a literal sense, the New Grange Spindle Back Chairs are comparable to a trustworthy companion who is looking out for your best interests 24/7. In spite of the fact that your preferences in interior design may undergo a few alterations along the road, their classic design guarantees that you will never be out of style!


Strong enough to endure everything that life throws at them, whether it be noisy dinner parties or unexpected game nights, these chairs are crafted from solid oak and are as durable as your grandmother’s renowned meatloaf dish. In addition, let us not overlook their sleek black finish, which lends an air of refinement to the chair and conveys the message that “I may be a chair, but I’m also a fashion icon.” You may have peace of mind knowing that these chairs will have your back (literally, once again) for many years to come since they come with a limited guarantee that is valid for five years.


With New Grange Spindle Back Chairs, each and every meal is a feast for the senses, so go ahead and call your friends over and let the good times flow. Just make sure they bring their appetites and their sense of humor, because we want to make sure that they have a wonderful time.