nbf signature series Compass Guest Chair

nbf signature series Compass Guest Chair

A robust powder-coated steel frame and comfortable polyurethane arm caps are two of the features that this chair possesses. It is upholstered in polyurethane and has the option of having a fabric backrest. The design of the wall-saver assures that your back cushion will not get into a fight with the wall, and the clean-out space that is completely visible at the back of the seat makes repairs and maintenance much easier. This sturdy chair has a weight capability of 275 pounds, and it requires some assembly before it can be used. Its adaptable addition to your area is made possible by its compact dimensions, which measure 23.875″W x 26.125″D x 33.625″H.

Product Description

Take a step into the realm of the Compass Guest Chair, a hallmark series from the National Board of Fashion, where each and every seat is a mini-vacation and the only baggage that is permitted is the overloaded purses of your guests.


Imagine that your guests are able to sink into this chair; it is not simply a matter of sitting; it is as if you are giving them a bear embrace without the unwanted unpleasantness. The Compass design brings a dash of elegance to your home, turning it into the most sought-after attraction in the neighbourhood — Hollywood, take a back seat! For the simple reason that when your chair is already rolling out the laughing, who needs a red carpet instead?


The guest chair, which was crafted with great care, is more than just a piece of furniture; it is the unsung hero of comfort. It is possible that your guests will begin to make plans to take the padded seating home with them because it is absolutely luxurious. Should they begin searching the tag for a concealed “Comfy Chair Bandit” emblem, you should not be startled by their actions. An unplanned comfort heist is what we are doing here; it is not theft.


This guest chair is like the superhero of seating because it was designed with durability in mind and is ready to resist the most difficult trials that occur when it comes to seating. You might think of it as the Iron Man of your workplace or living area because of its sturdy structure and high-quality materials. This is a spoiler alert: it does not have a cape, but it will protect you anyhow. Simply because there is nothing that indicates dependability quite like a chair that is capable of withstanding a moderate breeze.


The Compass Guest Chair is the chameleon of chairs because it is both versatile and accommodating. It can adjust to the rhythm of your room with the grace of a seasoned dancing partner without sacrificing its versatility. It is not merely a chair; rather, it is the Fred Astaire of furniture, gracefully gliding through gatherings and conversations over coffee. There are rumours that it even knows how to dance the cha-cha for spontaneous celebrations in the workplace.


The Compass Guest Chair from the New Balance Signature Series is more than just a piece of furniture; it is the punchline to the joke that asks, “Why did the chair go to the party?” Its sophisticated aesthetics, its soothing embrace, and its promise of a reliable seat are all reasons why it is more than just furniture. To the creation of venues in which guests are not only accommodated but also entertained in a fashionable manner, here’s to you!