Giant Bean Bag Chair Cover

Giant Bean Bag Chair Cover

Take note: This 180*90cm 7-foot bean bag cover (cover only) can accommodate three to four persons. Fill value: 2500 L; 105–115 pounds is the suggested filling range.

Superior Comfortable Textiles: Our bean bag chair cover is made of eco-friendly flocking PV and is machine or hand washable. It is cosy, easy to clean, and environmentally beneficial.







Product Description

Of course, let’s make each point a little funnier:


The best place to relax is on our 7-foot-tall huge bean bag cover. It’s like getting a hug from your cosiest friend. Be careful, because you may start changing plans to spend more time with it!


Customise Your Comfort: This bean bag cover is just right—not too hard, not too soft, like Goldilocks. The Three Bears like this way of sitting.


Host a movie night on Hangout Hub? Our bean bag is the best seat in the house because it can fit three to four people. Popcorn isn’t included, but you should bring it!


Built to Last: This cover is made of high-quality materials and is tougher than the last time you tried to put together IKEA furniture. Stains, spills, and pet hair can’t stick around.


Easy Cleanup: It’s easier to wash this bean bag cover than to explain why you liked your crush’s old photo by accident three years ago. Don’t be embarrassed, just throw it in!


Always Bright: Our cover is like that one friend who never gets old. Like your favourite pants that never go out of style, this won’t fade.


How you like to be comfortable: It’s like Goldilocks in terms of comfort—not too hard or too soft—and the filling can be changed to suit your needs. It’s pretty much a furniture fairy story.


Gentle on Your Skin: It’s soft, airy, and good for your skin, just like that expensive moisturiser you bought. Plus, you don’t have to worry about breakouts here.


Breathe Easy: Does a bean bag let air flow? It’s like giving the room its own breath. Lots of people will likely ask you if you hired an interior designer.


Style and Comfort: Our big bean bag cover looks so good that your coffee table might want one. It’s the style icon of furniture, and it won’t judge you for wearing socks that don’t go together.