Filmcraft Professional Grade Studio Director's Chair

Filmcraft Professional Grade Studio Director's Chair

On-set, stage, or cosmetics use is the intended use of this high-quality canvas that bears the word “DIRECTOR” printed on the reverse side. Flexible folding that does not require disassembly; footrests fold up when they are not being used. Comfortable hand-shaped armrests and a spacious 18-inch seat that can accommodate a variety of body types have been included. Constructed from solid beech wood of the A-grade, with mortise and tenon joints of the highest quality to ensure long-term endurance.

Product Description

Find out more about the Filmcraft Professional Grade Studio Director’s Chair, which is a product that combines quality and convenience in a single item. It is possible for this chair to resist the passage of time since it is constructed out of high-quality materials, which have been used to assure its durability.

Take pleasure in the ease of use provided by its basic design, which enables you to fold it without any effort and avoids the requirement that you disassemble it. When it comes to cosmetics applications, on-set applications, and stage applications, this chair is a reliable companion in a variety of professional settings. It performs a good job of supporting all of these uses.


The extra-wide seat, which spans 18 inches and is designed to suit a range of body shapes, is available for your enjoyment. With the addition of the hand-shaped armrests, which give a touch of ergonomic ecstasy to the experience, those extended periods of time are transformed into something more enjoyable.


This chair, which is more than simply a piece of furniture; it is a statement, was painstakingly constructed using beech wood of the best quality. The chair is a statement item. By providing you with mortise and tenon joints of the highest quality, the company guarantees that you will have a trustworthy friend for the entirety of your professional journey.


As a result of the word “DIRECTOR” being prominently displayed on the back of the premium canvas, you are able to appreciate the professional appearance of the canvas. Utilising the Filmcraft Director’s Chair, which combines functionality and sophistication, you will be able to elevate the look of your space to all new heights.