Grand Trunk | Compass 360° Stool

Grand Trunk | Compass 360° Stool

Grand Trunk Compass 360 Stool, the perfect travel buddy. This compact swivel stool comes together easily and rotates 360 degrees for adventure. Durable 210D Ripstop Nylon and 7000 class aluminium frame provide durability. Comfort and convenience are prioritised by the foam-padded seat and water bottle compartment.

The Grand Trunk Tripod Swivel Chair is essential for travellers. The innovative 360° rotating swivel movement lets you browse easily. This stable, low-to-the-ground chair supports 330 pounds and is great for hunting. Choose Sea Black, Clay Red, or Spruce Green to match your style.

Product Description

Grand Trunk Compass 360° Stool—the perfect travel companion. Because who says chairs can’t dance? Its 360-degree rotation makes sitting more adventurous, and putting it up is easier than convincing your GPS you know a route.


The 7000 series aluminium frame and durable 210D Ripstop Nylon structure of this stool make it more durable than sneakily opening a bag of chips. It’s more than a stool—it’s your trusted buddy, impervious to nature’s surprises and your uncomfortable camping partner.


Its comfort is as vital as its utility. A surprise birthday celebration is less thoughtful than a water bottle compartment below, and the foam-padded seat is softer than your grandmother’s concealed pancakes. Even in nature, staying hydrated is crucial.


More than a stool, it’s a versatile travel buddy. When camping, attending events, or just enjoying nature, this stool makes every stop comfortable and enjoyable. It’s like stopping life and saying, “Let’s chill for a bit, shall we?” about outdoor sitting.


Style discussion follows. These sneakers, available in Sea Black, Clay Red, and Spruce Green, are more than just comfortable—they express your style. Who said camping gear couldn’t be stylish? With your stool, you can rule elegantly outside. It’s more than a seat.


With the Grand Trunk Compass 360° Stool, you can enjoy the outdoors with a reliable, stylish, and comfortable buddy. It’s more than seating. A practical and comfortable seat in real life is like finding a unicorn—rare and amazing.