Casual Home Director's Chair ,Black Frame/Green Canvas,30" - Bar Height

Casual Home Director's Chair ,Black Frame/Green Canvas,30" - Bar Height

Timeless style suits any seating need, permanent or temporary. Effortless transport and storage with a foldable design; just remove the footrest. Enjoy built-in armrests and footrests for added comfort. Crafted from 100% solid wood for durability, and no assembly is required. Compact dimensions: 23″W x 19″D x 45.5″H, seat height approximately 30″. Back cover: 20″W x 6″D, seat cover: 18.5″W x 16″D.

Product Description

The Casual Home Director’s Chair is an attractive piece of furniture to experience since it mixes comfort with contemporary design. This chair is perfect for instantly enlivening your living room. Taking into mind a stylish black frame that is matched with a brilliant green canvas would result in a room that is both energetic and inviting. This would be the ideal combination.


Imagine having this chair in your kitchen, where it would be used as a bar. It offers a seating option that is both sophisticated and comfortable, and it stands at a height of thirty inches. It is among the most advantageous characteristics that it is extremely simple to set up, which makes it easy to appreciate its appeal. This is one of the most advantageous qualities.


The design of the foldable product places an emphasis on practicality, hence reducing the amount of space that is necessary for storage and transit. Those armrests that are built into the seat? You never fail to resort to them whenever you find yourself in need of additional consolation, whether it be during those extended chats or during those calm days.


Not only is the black frame, which has been painstakingly made, a fashionable upgrade, but it also gives durability that will last for a very long time. Moreover, what about that canvas that is green? This is not merely a seat cover; rather, it is a vivid option that brings an additional dose of vitality to the area that you are now occupying.


An offer to transform your elevated sitting moments into a blend of comfort and contemporary elegance is extended to you via this invitation. An invitation to transform your elevated sat moments, the Casual Home Director’s Chair at Bar Height is more than just a piece of furniture; with dimensions that hit the optimal blend of design and utility, it is an invitation to transform your elevated positions.