Casual Home Director's Chair ,Black Frame/Green Canvas,30" - Bar Height

Casual Home Director's Chair ,Black Frame/Green Canvas,30" - Bar Height

Timeless design suits any seating need, permanent or temporary. Effortlessly foldable with a removable footrest for easy transport and storage. Built-in armrests and footrests offer comfort and support. Crafted from 100% Solid Wood, ensuring durability without the need for assembly. Compact dimensions: 23″W x 19″D x 45.5″H, with a comfortable 30″ seat height. Back cover: 20″W x 6″D, seat cover: 18.5″W x 16″D.

Product Description

You are about to enter the world of the Casual Home Director’s Chair, a chair that combines contemporary elegance with sumptuous comfort in order to give your elevated seating a sense of humanity.


To illustrate, just image the brilliant green canvas being combined with the sleek black frame to create an environment that is not only fashionable but also warm and inviting. You will want to spend more time relaxing on this chair rather than trying to figure out the complicated instructions because it is easy to put together. This chair is straightforward to put together.


As an additional benefit, the fact that it can be folded up transforms it into a friend that is always ready for new adventures whenever life calls for a change. When you are winding down after a long day or laughing with friends, the integrated armrests will provide you with a warm hug that will help you relax. This will give you the opportunity to unwind and enjoy yourself.


The framework, which is black in colour and has been painstakingly crafted, is more than just stable; it is a faithful companion that guarantees you will be able to enjoy elevated seating without experiencing any stress. Moreover, what about that canvas that is green? This seat cover is more than simply a cover for your seat; it is a splash of colour that transforms your space into a more vibrant or exciting environment.


With dimensions that perfectly combine elegance and functionality, the Casual house Director’s Chair is an invitation to enhance your home with a dash of contemporary flair and the cosiness of human connection. Its measurements are great for mixing style and functionality. The proportions of this chair are those of a chair that beautifully mixes fashion and practicality.