Casual Home 18" Director's Chair White Frame with Royal Blue Canvas

Casual Home 18" Director's Chair White Frame with Royal Blue Canvas

Timeless style is suitable for any event, and there is no assembly required. Compact and easy to fold, making it convenient for transit and storage. Enjoy the increased comfort and support provided by armrests that are built in. Constructed entirely out of solid wood for added durability. The dimensions of the chair are 24.5″W x 17.25″D x 37.75″H, and the height of the seat is 18″. Front cover measures 22.5″W x 6″D, and seat cover measures 21″W x 16″D.

Product Description

Because of its snug design that mixes flare and functionality, the Casual Home 18-inch Director’s Chair allows you to effortlessly transition from style to comfort. This is made possible by the chair’s snug design. The series known as Casual Home includes this chair as one of its items. Because you are sitting on this chair, you will be able to achieve your goal.


It is crucial to take into consideration how adaptable this chair is for a variety of situations, as well as how it can have the potential to be the most suited option for elevated seating in light of the specific requirements that you have. Because it has a white frame, the seat will change into more than just a place to sit; it will also become a fashionable canvas and a topic of conversation for your home. This is because the seat will have a white frame. One should not just possess physical prowess in order to be successful.


Furthermore, the royal blue canvas enhances the impression of brightness, in addition to contributing a touch of originality and a sense of freshness to the entire composition. It is not simply one tint that permeates your surroundings; rather, there is a riot of colours like a rainbow that prevails across the environment.


A comfortable retreat that is ideal for unwinding after a tough day or doing some work is provided by the seat and backrest, both of which have been constructed with careful consideration.


In situations when you do not have to waste time attempting to figure out intricate directions, setting together this director’s chair is simple and won’t take up a significant amount of your time.


Because of its foldable design, which combines fashion and practicality, it is an ideal companion for both day-to-day use and for use on special occasions. Both of these categories can benefit from having this partner. This chair is more than simply a piece of furniture; it is a guarantee of longevity and comfort, that is prepared to accompany you on all of the adventures and celebrations that take place within your home space. It only lasts for a considerable amount of time.