Ashley Realyn French Country Ribbon Back Dining Chair

Ashley Realyn French Country Ribbon Back Dining Chair

Chairs are designed with an elegant appearance, featuring engineered wood and wood solids, and a seat that is upholstered in polyester and padded with foam.
STYLE THAT IS UNIQUE The distressed white finish draws attention to the attractive ribbon back design, which exemplifies the elegance that is inspired by French country settings.
PAIR OF CHAIRS: These chairs are ideal for dining, measuring 19 inches in width, 22 inches in depth, and 40 inches in height. They create a great environment for family gatherings.

Product Description

Discover the charm of the Ashley Realyn French Country Ribbon Back Dining Chair, where sitting is so comfortable that could find yourself thinking about when you might take your next big lunch nap.


These chairs are the epitome of durability, made with love and premium materials that will outlast your attempts to perfect the soufflé. It’s like having a stylish, dependable, and always up for fun companion in the dining room.


Now take a seat and relax into the foam-cushioned, polyester-upholstered embrace. You can find yourself wondering if wearing pyjamas to dinner is appropriate because it’s so comfortable. Comfort is important after all, right?


Who says eating has to be without drama? The chairs’ worn-out, chipped white finish gives them personality. “We’ve been through a lot, just like your attempts at perfecting that difficult French dessert recipe,” the chairs seem to be saying.


These chairs, whose design was influenced by French rural style, add a romantic touch to your dining area. Every time you have dinner, it feels like you’re on a romantic date night in Paris—well, maybe not with the Eiffel Tower, but these chairs come pretty close!


When purchased as a pair, these chairs are like Batman and Robin of dining room furniture—always on hand to come to the rescue when hunger pangs strike. These chairs are your culinary partner, whether you’re hosting a large group of people or dining alone.


These chairs have proportions that shout, “I’m ideal for your dining area,” making them as comfy and fashionable as your favourite pair of jeans. Move over, Aunt Mildred. They’re so versatile that they might end up being the most well-liked visitors at your dinner gatherings.


The Ashley Realyn French Country Ribbon Back Dining Chair is the culinary super hero your dining area deserves, so why settle for a standard dining chair?