4 Pcs Tree Stump Storage Stool 12 x 12 Inches

4 Pcs Tree Stump Storage Stool 12 x 12 Inches

Presenting the four 12-by-12-inch Tree Stump Storage Stool pieces. These multipurpose stools provide visual appeal and useful storage to any living area by fusing the rustic charm of a tree stump design with useful practicality. These stools are designed to resemble the organic form and feel of tree stumps, offering a variety of seating arrangements in addition to storage spaces. These stools are perfect for tiny areas or outdoor settings. They integrate very well with a variety of décor types and offer a practical way to store small goods like throw blankets, books, and magazines. The 4 Piece Tree Stump Storage Stool is a chic and useful addition to any house or garden, thanks to its durable construction and small size.




Product Description

Not just any furniture, but a piece of nature right in your living room with the 4 Piece Tree Stump Storage Stool—minus the bugs! These stools are quite functional—you can use them as makeshift tables for your late-night pizza parties, sit on them, and conceal your secret food stash on them (just remember to wash the crumbs off the bark).


These stools provide a whimsical touch of the forest to your interior design since they are made to imitate the grand tree stumps of the forest. They resemble tiny forest animals that have made the decision to assist you with your storage needs—minus the muck from the woodland, of course!


Not to mention how durable these bad boys are—you can sit on them or throw anything at them. They possess more resilience than a grizzly bear with a broken toe! After a hard day’s labor, feel free to collapse on them; they won’t abandon you like a squirrel attempting to open a nut.


It’s quicker to clean these stools than it is to use a vacuum cleaner to catch a squirrel! They only need a fast cleaning to be like new. These stools can handle spills and stains, so you don’t have to worry about them destroying your rustic-chic aesthetic.


You’ll have endless alternatives for storage and sitting when you have a set of four of these beauties! It feels like you have a small forest gathering in your living room. So call your friends over and let the tree stump storage stools to add some whimsy and humor to your interior design!